Laser & Non-Laser Tattoo Removal: Common Questions

Laser Tattoo Removal Questions and Answers

How does a laser remove tattoos?

There is a long history behind laser tattoo removal being used. The first was way back in 1967 where a forward-thinking Dr. Leon Goldman used a 694 Ruby Laser to remove a patient’s tattoo. The results were nowhere near as good then as they are now, with huge advances being made in both technology and technique.

How the laser works to remove a tattoo is quite easy to understand. A tattoo is basically just ink trapped under the skin. When laser light is used, it breaks up the ink it reaches from the closest to the deepest layers of the skin. The ink is that processed though the body and excreted. Multiple sessions are required to see strong results.

Which is more effective for tattoo removal Q-Switched or Picosecond?

It would be fair to say that the PicoSure and Quanta Q Plus C lasers are both great machines for tattoo removal.  The PicoSure can treat primarily blue, black, and green. In contrast, The Quanta Q plus C can treat all colors, making it a unique ability.

A Picosecond laser operates at one trillionth of a second, and has a pulse width that is 100 times faster than that of the Q-Switched laser.

The Q-Switched laser uses a technique that is highly intense, yet ultra-short in pulse durations. It’s considered the ‘Gold Standard’ of tattoo removal by health professionals and operates in nanoseconds, which is equal to one billionth of a second.

Both machines are fast, and extremely popular when it comes to laser tattoo removal.

What does PicoSure® tattoo removal feel like?

PicoSure® laser tattoo removal process is relatively comfortable, and most patients have reported about the non-painful nature of the procedure.

What Colours Can the PicoSure® Laser Remove?

Stubborn ink colours tend to fall into the green, blue, and purple categories. Tattooregret.ca have found that the PicoSure® laser completely removes these colours in fewer sessions than any other wavelength of the laser in the picosecond market. With this technology, we’ve found that colours that were stubborn to laser removal are now often more easy to remove than black ink.

When will I See Results from my PicoSure® Laser Treatment?

Healing from a Picosure® tattoo removal treatment typically takes around two weeks. During this time, you will notice some minor swelling and redness in the treated area as well as some bruising between the first and third days following treatment. You may develop some burning, itching, and blistering, during the healing process, which is normal.

How Many Treatments Does it Take to Remove a Tattoo?

Most tattoos take on average 8-10 sessions, 6 weeks apart. Picosure® laser is also much less damaging to the skin than other lasers. Even tattoos that still have visible ink after 10 or more laser treatments (recalcitrant tattoos) can be effectively treated with the Picosure® laser.  The laser tattoo removal treatment with the PicoSure® laser causes less damage to the skin than other non-picosecond lasers and the healing process is shorter.

The Kirby-Desai Scale (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2923953/) can give you an idea of how long the laser tattoo removal process should take. Factors considered include:

  • Skin type
  • If the tattoo is layered
  • Where the tattoo is
  • What colors were used
  • How much ink is in the skin
  • Are there any scars present
  • Age, health, and fitness level can all also be influences on how long the removal process will take.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Questions and Answers

What is the Tattoo Vanish process like?

We use a local anesthetic to help make you as comfortable as possible. This is also used during the session. Next our technician uses a tattoo machine in the unwanted tattoo, tracing it in a way akin to what you experienced when the tattoo was originally done. The next step is applying Ink Eraser for a short amount of time, which is what draws out the ink. Afterwards it is cleaned and bandaged, and we provide complete details on how to handle after care for the most safety and best results.

How much does Tattoo Vanish hurt?

Well, some people say it does not hurt that much and others describe it as mildly uncomfortable, since everyone has different pain tolerance. The good news is our team are dedicated to making you as comfortable as possible. The topical anesthetic that we use before and during the Tattoo Vanish process is effective at taking the edge off and making it something nearly anyone will be able to tolerate without any big issues.

How many sessions before the tattoo is gone?

Many factors go into determining this like the size of the tattoo, how deep the tattoo ink is, how healthy you are, and what kind of ink was used for the tattoo. One thing is certain: it will be much less time than if you went with laser tattoo removal. A small tattoo something only takes two or three sessions with our non-laser tattoo removal process. Contact us and we can discuss your tattoo and give you an educated estimate.

How much is non-laser tattoo removal?

Our non-laser tattoo removal pricing is based on size.  Click HERE to view the pricing chart based on your tattoo size. Our laser tattoo removal is a FLAT FEE pricing which is different than the non-laser tattoo removal.

Do I need an appointment?

We are a professional tattoo removal clinic, so yes, we do require an appointment. However, a consultation is free. The reason why we need appointments to be made is so that our technicians can be prepared and we can also find out any details that may make the process go smoother and be more effective. Very often if you book a free consultation we can start the tattoo removal process right after. Give us a call and find out more details. You can also take our online assessment which can often be very helpful too.

How much does it cost?

Our new FLAT RATE PRICING for laser tattoo removal takes away the guess work on needing to calculate how big your tattoo is. For any tattoo 1″x 1″ to 5″ x 5″, the price is $250 per session. Tattoos smaller than 1″x 1″ is $150.00. We also have package of 3 at 10% discount and package of 5 at 15% discount.



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