Tattoo Removal Statistics

Eye-Opening Tattoo Removal Statistics!

It’s only natural that when the number of people getting tattoos skyrockets, so does the number of people who regret getting a tattoo and would like to have it removed. That’s the situation we are in today.

Beyond knowing this first-hand at Toronto’s Tattoo Removal Clinic, it’s also backed up by reliable, black and white statistics.
Let’s take a look.

In America, our neighbor to the south, over 45 million people are tattooed. When we look at those who have tattoos the statistics tell us one in three are college graduates. Over a third are between 18 and 25 years old, with a full 40% being between 26 and 40. Males and females are nearly equally represented.

What’s the Motivation to get Tattooed?

With tattoos being popular across age groups, genders, and social-economic backgrounds, the question comes up – what has inspired these people to get tattooed? The answers are thought-provoking.

* To Look and Feel Unique. A tattoo is a way a person can “customize” themselves and stand out from the crowd. It reflects individuality, personality, and sends a signal to others who may be a bit rebellious themselves.

* To Honor an Important Milestone in Life. A birth, a death, graduation, an anniversary or many other important dates are often commemorated.

*  An Expression of Love. For a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or even a pet.

* Simply for Style. Tattoos can be a significant fashion statement and element of style.

*  Celebrating Religious Belief. Symbols or quotes from a religious text are both extremely popular.

*  Military Tattoos. Some branches of the armed forces have a long tradition of servicemen and servicewomen getting tattooed with designs celebrating their branch of the military.

*  Gang Symbols. Many street gangs require their members to get tattooed gang signs and codes.

*  On a Whim. Spur of the moment tattoos are a real thing – and quite often quickly regretted.

*  To Cover a Birthmark or Scar. Skilled tattoo artists can hide a scar or birthmark very effectively.


The Top Reasons Why a Tattoo is Regretted

Close to five million Americans regret getting tattooed in the United States, with the number rising every day. 70% of the five million who wish they were never tattooed are females.

Here’s some of the main reasons that cause “tattoo regret”:

*  Tattooed too Young. What a person likes when they are 18 and what they like when they are 30 can be radically different. When the earlier interest inspired a tattoo, it can be a daily embarrassment.

*  Lost Meaning. If a person is no longer in a gang, free from prison, or long out of the military, they often regret having tattoos that no longer hold meaning to them.

*  A Reminder of a Failed Relationship. What may seem like everlasting true love, often turns out ending in a negative way. And have a name of an ex-tattooed can be a big painful reminder, along with an annoyance when meeting someone new.

*  Poor Tattoo Work.  A bad tattoo is far from uncommon. And it’s only natural for a person to want it removed or covered up.

* Lost Employment Opportunities. Most employers (over 70%) do not allow the people who work for them to have visible tattoos. Having to cover them for interviews, or worse having one that can’t be hidden, can be a nightmare.

* Tattoo Not Aging Well. Many tattoos fade or blur with time.

* Don’t Want to Set Poor Examples for Children. Kids grow up fast and when they see a parent or parents with tattoos, it shouldn’t be a surprise if they end up with them too. Some parents don’t want to see them limit their opportunities like this.


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