Non Laser Tattoo Removal


Many people wonder if there is a way to remove tattoos without some of the downsides sometimes experienced with laser tattoo methods? The good news is, the answer is a resounding YES. Tattoo Vanish is a non-laser tattoo removal method that has won praise as delivering some of the best results of all of the systems available today. First debuted in 2008, Tattoo Vanish has a long history of being both safe an effective. Our tattoo removal technicians here are all certified in the method and have deep experience lightening or removing client tattoos, both large and small.

For those who may choose to get a new tattoo where their unwanted tattoo has been removed, Tattoo Vanish is truly valuable. What are the key differences between other tattoo removal methods and Tattoo Vanish? Let’s take a look.


Tattoo Vanish is 100% Natural.

Unlike other tattoo removal choices, Tattoo Vanish is free of toxins, acids, the use of lasers, or other harmful chemicals. Our Tattoo Vanish system is natural and much safer than the other options available today.

Only a Few Tattoo Vanish Treatments are Needed.

While many praise the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, they neglect to mention how many treatments it takes to see results. This can be quite inconvenient. Some even report paying for ten or more sessions and still being able to see the unwanted tattoo, despite the time and money invested. Tattoo Vanish gets the job done in half the sessions of laser removal methods.

Save Money.

The only tattoo removal method available that costs less than Tattoo Vanish is some of the so-called “tattoo removal” creams available online. The problem is these creams do not work, so do not be fooled by all their marketing hype.  In terms of effectiveness, only laser methods come close to Tattoo Vanish. And Tattoo Vanish is much more affordable than laser tattoo removal if you count the number of sessions required for laser compared to Tattoo Vanish.  Tattoo Vanish delivers the best results for less money and less time spent.

Tattoo Vanish Works on ALL Ink Colours.

Unlike laser tattoo removal methods, Tattoo Vanish is able to remove all ink colours. The nature of laser tattoo removal is that it works much better on some colours than others. Tattoo Vanish doesn’t suffer from this flaw.

One stunning problem with laser tattoo removal is that it can actually turn white inked tattoos black. This, obviously, makes the unwanted tattoo even more permanent than before. Tattoo Vanish works on all ink colours since it does not rely on a laser hampered by light absorption. Even for those who prefer laser tattoo removal, when it comes to white and light blue ink, Tattoo Vanish is still used to avoid headaches and roadblocks in the removal process.


How does laser tattoo removal deal with tattoo ink? The laser breaks the ink down and it is absorbed by the body and later urinated out. While we are not aware of any health studies related to this, it sensibly should raise some concerns. Tattoo Vanish removes the ink rather than forcing the body to absorb and process it. The ink is brought to the surface of the skin, a scab is formed, and when the scab falls off it takes the ink with it.

Your tattoo can be seen because the ink in injected into the dermis of the skin, which is where it stays. Laser tattoo removal breaks the ink down into the bloodstream. Tattoo Vanish removes this potentially unhealthy process by drawing the ink out, rather than have it need to be processed through the body.

Let’s take a look at some highlights of the dangers of laser tattoo methods. After exploring them it becomes clear why Tattoo Vanish is held in such high regard by those who think about their health.

Hyperpigmentation – The laser light often has weird effects on the melanin of the skin, leaving behind dark blotches and patches.

Frosting –   While the laser tattoo removal process is being done the skin often turns into a white, frosty colour. Thankfully most of the time this turns back to normal in 20 minutes. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Scars – This is may be rare with current laser tattoo removal methods, but if someone uses an unskilled technician scarring can and does happen. Permanent, raised scarring.

Hypopigmentation –  The opposite of hyperpigmentation, also can occur. The laser leaves light patches on the skin which look equally unhealthy and strange.

Blisters – Laser tattoo removal blistering can be much worse than Tattoo Vanish blistering (which actually serves an important purpose). Laser tattoo blisters can take two weeks or more to heal.

Pain – Laser tattoo removal hurts, a lot. Most people say it is even more painful than getting the tattoo originally did. The Tattoo Vanish method is much less painful. Our technicians use a local anesthetic before and during the Tattoo Vanish tattoo removal to make sure our clients are relaxed and calm.


It’s easy to see how many positives there are in having a tattoo removed using the Tattoo Vanish Method. It’s quick, less expensive, and affordable compare to rival tattoo removal systems, and healthier too. We need to stress, most importantly, is how well Tattoo Vanish actually works. This is true, no matter the color of the ink, how old or new the tattoo is, and many other factors. We honestly believe that Tattoo Vanish is the most effective method available today, outclassing both tattoo removal creams and laser tattoo removal options. Tattoo Vanish will most likely exceed even your highest tattoo removal expectations.


The main disadvantage of non-laser tattoo removal methods is that it cannot do a large area in a single session.  Because of the nature of the technique, a scab will form after the treatment.  The maximum size we recommend doing per session is 4”x 4” or 16 square inches.  If your tattoo is larger than that or if you have multiple tattoos to remove, we recommend doing it in another session or consider our laser tattoo removal method.


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